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Photo IDAR00273
Generic HeadingArchitecture
SubjectIndustrial buildings
TitleLa Insular Cigar and Cigarette Factory
PlacePlaza Binondo, Manila
PhotographerL. E. Dumas
CollectionLuis Ma. Araneta Collection
Original CaptionLa Insular Cigar and cigarette factory No. 20 Binodo Square Manila, P.I.
NotesThe La Insular Cigar and Cigarette Factory in Binondo was established by Don Joaquin Santamarina with his associates, Don Luis Elizalde and Don Manuel Clemente, after the government monopoly on tobacco was abolished in 1880. Its office and factory stood beautifully at the Plaza Binondo for many years until its tragic destruction by fire in 1944. (Source: Three Centuries of Binondo Architecture, Lorelei D.C. de Viana, 2001) YYY



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