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SubjectMen and women in the Philippine Revolution against Spain/Philippine-American War
TitleArtemio Garcia Ricarte
CollectionNational Library
NotesThe general known as Vibora (viper). Elected captain general at the Tejeros Convention, Ricarte fought in Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas. As a captive and exile of the American forces in 1901, he refused again and again to take the oath of allegiance to America. During the war, the Japanese tried using him to pacify the Filipinos. He died of dysentery in the Mountain Province, where he retreated with the Japanese in 1945. Photo shows the Ilocano school teacher who joined the Filipino revolutionary army in 1896 to fight the Spaniards. When hostilities erupted between the Filipino army and the Americans, he went back to the battle front. He continued to resist American occupation even after his comrades had laid down their arms. For his refusal to take oath of allegiance to America, he was banished to Hongkong several times. Finally, he and his wife moved to Japan in 1921 and lived in that country as a teacher of the Spanish language until 1941 when the Japanese military brought him back to the Philippines. With Benigno Ramos and Pio Duran, he organized the MAKAPILI which advocated accepting the Japanese as allies.



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